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List Name : Comptel User Email Address Lists

We always hear of the need for capturing moments. But Comptel works towards capturing and perfecting customer's digital moments in order to translate them into business moments. With over 300 service providers across 90 countries, Comptel takes care of more than 20% of the world's mobile usage data. We believe that that is an extensive market to tap, one that has opportunities and challenges to face &$45; factors that are certainly going to affect the results of your campaigns and marketing initiatives. Global b2b marketing is not an easy thing and taking help of other resources like a Comptel end users mailing database is not a bad idea. Data after all forms the foundation of modern business communications, and using authentic contact details for campaigns will only save your brand from earning poor sender reputation. At Technology User Lists we encourage the use of B2B Email Marketing List of Comptel Users and Clients for campaigns, considering it to be a more methodical manner of having access to data than endeavoring to compile on one's own. We have the skill set, competence and expertise required to carry out the task and believe that with our capabilities in action, will be able to build a list that will perform and deliver results beyond expectations. So do something different this time around. Do your campaigns justice by adding the Comptel user list to your campaign budget!

The Finland based Comptel Corporation is an international software company specializing in telecommunications, especially in the developing OSS or Operations Support Systems market. With products and solutions in the form of Data Refinery, Intelligent Fast Data, FlowOne, Monetizer, Data Fastermind to name a few, Comptel has been able to serve over 1.2 billion end users. As a technology marketer you may find it challenging to tap this pool without a Comptel Customer Email List to aid you. The opportunities present are evident and quick action is sure to result in higher generation of business leads, sales and conversions, market growth, new customer acquisition and more. We believe that with the mailing list of Comptel users and customers we can help you to carve a niche for yourself, taking your brand directly to where there is a demand for it. So are you going to wait or act upon it? We suggest you Buy Comptel Users Email Database and act upon it!


When we propose to clients to be selective in their communications and use our Comptel users mailing lists accordingly, we mean it. We believe that the market is vast enough for every smart marketer to carve their niche and there is little reason for one to be impulsive. There is also little scope for errors considering that there are several others waiting for an opportunity. So it is always wise and advised to be prompt and use a Comptel Decision Makers Email Contact List to ensure that your messages are reaching the right people. At Technology User Lists we believe that our list of companies using Comptel software is what you need for your campaigns. So make the most of multichannel campaigns with our Comptel vendor email list now!

Purchase our Comptel Client Mailing Address List to be selecting in your campaign style and reaching an audience base that will value and gain from your communications.

What the list includes :First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, ZIP4, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry, NAICS and Web Address.

Geographies Targeted: USA and Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Asia Pacific and Australia.

List Suitable for : Email Marketing, Tele Marketing, Direct Mail etc.

List Updated : Once in every 3 months

List Source :

  • Tradeshows and conferences
  • Government records and listings
  • Annual reports and public filings
  • Business and trade magazine subscriptions
  • Yellow pages
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Surveys and feedback forms

List Delivery Guarantee : 90%+ for Direct mails, 85%+ for Tele-contacts and 65% to 75%+ for emails.

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