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Verified Computer Operating Systems Users List



List Name : Computer OS User Email Address Lists

You are probably spending all your time on your desktop or laptop, going through multiple sites trying to gain information, finding a product or even browsing through websites; or simply working on a word document or presentation, or even playing a game. You are probably not aware but the OS or Operating System you are using influences your ease of work to a large extent. That probably explains why over the years Microsoft Windows with a market share of almost 82% still leads the market, with many other players trying to make their mark.

With the List of Companies using Computer Operating Systems we at Technology User Lists will help you to tap this market with your products and services for consultancy and upgrade, in order to make the most from every opportunity that comes your way.

Cost-effective Computer Operating Systems Customers Email Addresses

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Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux are the most commonly used OS globally and our b2b email marketing list of Computer Operating Systems users and clients will help you in being able to tap and engage with this extensive global pool. Marketers should understand that the market is dynamic and users and customers are prone to changing their preferences. For instance, in 2016, research showed that for mobile OS, Google Android grew by 10.3% whereas iOS by Apple lost market share by 5.2%. The market is no different for computer OS - the reason why we encourage marketers to Buy Operating Systems Customer Email List so as not to let go of any opportunity. At Technology User Lists with our Computer Operating Systems vendor email list we can simplify business correspondence. We make data available and accessible to marketers, making data-driven communications a possibility. So if you are ready with your b2b plans for exploration and expansion we recommend making a move now with our Computer Operating System user list!


An operating system will make a computer system convenient to use in an effective manner, providing a convenient interface to use the computer. With characteristics like memory management, device management, processor management, file management, security, error detecting aids and more, an OS acts as the interface between the software and hardware. Our Computer Operating Systems End Users Mailing Database will perform a similar function - act as the source for connecting you to your client base! So be smart enough with your investments and get our mailing list of Computer Operating System users and customers for your campaigns today!

Purchasing Operating System Users Mailing Lists not only helps your campaigns to have access to superior quality data but also guarantees opportunities for improved networking and business interaction globally.

What the list includes :First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, ZIP4, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Primary Industry, NAICS and Web Address.

Geographies Targeted: USA and Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Asia Pacific and Australia.

List Suitable for : Email Marketing, Tele Marketing, Direct Mail etc.

List Updated : Once in every 3 months

List Source :

  • Tradeshows and conferences
  • Government records and listings
  • Annual reports and public filings
  • Business and trade magazine subscriptions
  • Yellow pages
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Surveys and feedback forms

List Delivery Guarantee : 90%+ for Direct mails, 85%+ for Tele-contacts and 65% to 75%+ for emails.

Cost-effective Computer Operating Systems Customers Email Addresses

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