Pros and Cons Magento Ecommerce

Pros and Cons of Magento Ecommerce

If you want to build a website and have no HTML knowledge then a reliable content management system is the solution. By using relevant content management system, one can manage entire internet marketing strategies under one roof as it’s easy to use and also helps to redesign the website without hassle which in turn saves time.

There are many content management systems available in the market today. Magento is an open source CMS for ecommerce websites, by which one can have control over content, look and functionality of their website. So how about getting to know the platform better!

Prons of Magento are:

Open Source Code: Magento is open to community to modify the code according to developer requirements. This helps to improve the product quality in less time. Detection of the bugs and correction is easier as it is user friendly. Additionally, Magento also allows user to add plugins and extensions according to the requirements.

It’s Free: Community edition is free for download. It is the best choice for small and mid scale businesses which since it is free of charge. Users don’t need to invest any amount to purchase Magento’s ecommerce platform. If user is ready to invest money for more add-ons, the Enterprise edition comes with support from the Magento team.

Cons of Magento are:

Required qualified developers: Magento has more than 200 databases, so you need an expert to select one from the wide base offering. Design, client and server side programming are the areas of web designing field and it’s difficult to find a person who will be an expert in all three fields.

Hosting: Due to the size and complexity of Magento, it can be hosted on dedicated servers which require to be configured by users. Shared hosting structure makes user experience slow for visitors.
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