Challenges Faced By Mobile App Developers

The Top 5 Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

Building an app and getting people to download it for use requires special set of skills, perseverance and the aptitude for research. It is particularly important if you are looking at providing users with a fast and responsive service or a responsive website across multiple platforms. Some mobile apps are ideal for small business enterprises and start-ups. There are mobile apps that are best suited for Fortune 500 companies as well. There are mainly three basic types of aps:

Native Apps: Built to cater to the needs of the different operating systems including Apple iOS or Android.

Web-Based Aps: HTML based websites that are specifically designed for smaller screens.

Hybrid Aps: Developed using platforms like PhoneGap, Mosync; the Hybrid Aps have cross-platform compatibility along with the ability to access a phone`s hardware.

Apart from the above types of aps there are Apps that are function-specific like Gaming apps, Business apps, Utility apps and Educational apps to list a few.

In this post we focus on the top 5 challenges that app developer’s face and the best ways to overcome them.

Creating Apps that get attention:

There is immense competition in the app world and the mobile app market. Therefore there is constant pressure to come up with an app that will get noticed and downloaded for use.  The best way to create an app that stands out is to focus on building an app that looks great with graphics, usable features and intuitive design. Working towards providing a wholesome experience is yet another aspect that is going to give your apps the added advantage.

Avail funding for the App:

You have a fabulous app idea but how do you get it funded? Based on the nature of the app, the cost of development can be $3,000 to $150,000. The best way to tackle this issue is to raise funds by applying for loans, consult friends and relatives or look for a joint venture with companies that make investments in similar apps. Crowdfunding is yet another great stating point.

How to cope with the types of screens:

Users often use multiple devices with varying screen sizes, therefore designing for just one platform is a big no-no. Therefore app developers have a bigger challenge of creating apps that run across multiple devices. There are many mobile platforms that have different embedded technologies and pixel intensities. The operating system is yet another factor that app developers should consider.

The best way to combat this challenge is by opting for a highly responsive design that can be adjusted to suit multiple format and screen sizes. One of the best examples is Facebook.

Building an App that is Interactive:

Interactions are important and a responsive design is highly integral to the functionality of the App. Mobile devices today are loaded with high-tech sensors offering a plethora of opportunities.  Make the most of these sensors and ensure that the apps are user friendly. Considering the type of interaction to ensure that you are prepared to build appropriately. Restricting yourself to tap and swipe gestures may not always be beneficial. Introduce highly tangible interactions like shaking, tilting and flipping options that trigger some action.

Keeping the app really simple and clear:

It is observed that app users often complain about the app being too complicated for use. This leads to a loss of interest which may lead to the failure of the app. It may make users think that the app is too complicated for use. Keeping the functionalities simple, and self-explanatory ensures that the app is highly successful.  One more thing- make sure that the icons correspond to the native UI elements of each OS.

There are more categories of apps and the number is not likely to stop. There are apps dedicated to specific sections like lifestyle, sport, health and fitness and more. The world of app development has its set of hurdles and irrespective of the type of application. The main objective of the app is to make life easier. Business requirements often decide the type of app and gives importance to the type of app to be developed. Each app has its strong and not so strong points but the challenge lies in how the developer gets the best even in the most complex situation. For authentic data on key decision makers and data on mobile app developers purchase email list of mobile app developers from Technology User Lists.

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