ShoreTel for Unified Communications

Why businesses are choosing ShoreTel for unified communications

Let’s start by asking a simple question – how often do you communicate with your global customers? Regularly? Frequently? Selectively? Timely? Rarely? You can choose your answer, but the fact remains that businesses across the world, irrespective of size and industry, acknowledge the importance of b2b communications to build business relations with potential leads. Fortunately we are living in the era of cloud computing where communication can be processed through applications that can be integrated among various platforms. One name, that has with time emerged as the first choice for many business users and decision makers is – ShoreTel – the technology that facilitates unified communications and strikes a chord in digital networking through its varied lines of commuinications solutions.

Businesses require selective and positve communication throughout the entire sales and after sales cycle. The best way to establish a fulfilling relationship with their clients and customers depends on how effectively they approach communcation issues and use necessary technology and other means to simplify it. ShoreTel is a one stop solution for all kinds of business communications. So let’s try to understand why businesses are using ShoreTel for unified communications.

Benefits of choosing ShoreTel

ShoreTel comes with the promise of ease and satisfaction, offering integrated features such as instant messaging, application for presence-check of co-workers, voicemail, email, video-audio conferencing, desktop sharing with remote access and remote collaboration, and calendaring. The main benefits of using ShoreTel technology are:

  • IP Phone Systsem: Communicating with clients overseas can be a very expensive affair if done singularly through telephone service. With ShoreTel’s IP Phone Systsem, that uses VoIP, that is voice call routed through LAN connection, callers can use the VoIP enabled phone system and the IP PBX anywhere and everywhere. So, without having to miss any call, marketers can simply make great business communications.
  • Virtualization: With desktop virtualization, ShoreTel’s user applications can onboard employees and contractors without losing much time and money on the installation of too many client-specific applications.
  • ShorTel’s Contact Center: ShorTel’s contact center solutions feature Interactive Voice Response (IVR), intelligent routing, outbound, and media handling. Through integrated and unified communication solutions, agents and supervisors in call centers can make both external and internal calls and effectively communicate through web chat, email and instant messaging.
  • ShoreTel Mobility: Through ShoreTel Mobility, one can get custom features on iOS and Android based devices that provide unified communications required for employees in the office. These features may range from CRM integration to peer-to-peer web and video conferencing with room-based systems, from instant messaging to all kinds of desk phone features.

Not being present at your workplace to communicate with your clients is no more an issue. You can now get all telephonic requirements met through ShoreTel’s solutions anywhere in the world and enjoy hassle-free business deals. While ShoreTel is the right tool for businesses looking at simplifying communications, the ShoreTel user lists from Technology User Lists is the right tool for marketers looking at connecting with users and customers using ShoreTel unified communications. We have teams that are skilled in the process of data compilation and can support your b2b campaigns with data that is aligned to your business interests.

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