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Step by Step Process of Email Appending

Below are the 5 unique steps of email appending process:

Step 1

All the data that needs appending is identified by the client and compiled in one file. We ask the client to upload the entire file through our secure FTP. The database can be converted to any format; however, it is usually converted to CSV files. The file is then sent to our appending team where the technicians use both manual and automated appending process.

Step 2

Once picked up by our appending team, the file is put through a complete formatting process. The client file is matched with our master database of 150 million business records. During this process, whenever a name, address, or business name matches with any data in the client file, the corresponding email address is added from the master database to client’s records. This process is repeated till all the records have been covered.

Step 3

Once the matching process is done, the appended emails are dispatched to the verification team for validation. Each of these emails are verified and validated one by one. This is both a manual and automated process. The verification team tests the deliverability of the appended email. Our standard match rates are usually over 90%.

Step 4

Following the CAN-SPAM Act, a standard message is sent to all the newly appended emails once the verification has been done. This indicates the client’s wish to communicate further with the recipients via emails. The recipients are also given the opportunity to opt-out if they prefer. This step can be performed by the client or by us. Usually we execute this process. After 7 business days, the opt-out emails are removed from the file.

Step 5

Upon the completion of these entire stages, the updated database is reformatted and re-verified by the appending team for a final onceover to remove all the hidden discrepancies. The file is then converted to the original format and delivered to the client within the delivery date. We set an option to the client whether to upload the appended file in their FTP or any other media. For security reasons, no file is sent to the client via email.

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