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List Validation

List Validation

Check the Authenticity of your List with List Validation

List Validation is a solution by Technology User Lists to verify the authenticity of your list. List validation is a strategy to verify the contact records in your lists and ensure they are genuine. It is through list validation that you can measure the quality of your marketing list.


  • List validation process thoroughly checks each contact record in your list and ensures the contact does exist or it is still active
  • List validation solution uses email or telephone or both to verify the list. Technology User Lists validates each list manually as well as automatically to ensure quality


  • Improve list quality
  • Understand if the contacts are still active
  • Convert your list to a permission-based one

Validate your list to run profitable promotions with Technology User Lists.

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Technology Email List User Manual by Technology User Lists

Learn how to make appropriate use of our email lists to get best results.

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List Management

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