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"According to ServiceNow's blog, a user of the ServiceNow Customers Service Management achieves 180% ROI."

After crossing the $1 billion revenue mark, ServiceNow currently belongs to the prestigious circle of globally popular PaaS providers. Specializing in offering ITSM applications, this enterprise service management software has quickly become a champion in the technology sector by automating business processes niftily. Needless to say, ServiceNow's global preference makes for a massive user base. This automatically translates to a lucrative marketing opportunity for technology marketers whose target audience are the ServiceNow Customer List. If you too are looking to connect with such organizations, then our mailing list is the ideal tool to help you.

Our Database Of ServiceNow Customers will give you access to the largest List of Companies That Use ServiceNow from all across the world. All the data in this list is thoroughly vetted and continuously updated, resulting in a repository of genuine leads only. Hence, you can successfully engage with audiences across the US, UK, Asia, Australia, Europe, etc., instead of wasting your resources on cold leads.

Customize Your List Of Companies in USA using ServiceNow Based On:

ServiceNow IT Business Management ServiceNow IT Operations Management
ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) ServiceNow Customer Service Management
ServiceNow Now Platform ServiceNow Nonstop Cloud
ServiceNow C-level Executives ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Application

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B2B campaigning, especially in the technology sector, is a tedious task. Even more so when you're aiming to connect with C-level executives such as CEOs, CFOs, or CMOs. The shipload of responsibilities they manage in a day leaves such professionals with no time to waste on poorly-crafted marketing messages. However, our List of ServiceNow Customers in USA solves this problem in no time. The 100% accurate and verified data of Technology User Lists' ServiceNow Clients List ensures that you have the right insights in hand. Hence, your sales and marketing teams can use these to craft the correct messages, allowing you to connect with top-tier professionals without wasting any time.

Data Counts for Companies using ServiceNow

List of Companies that use ServiceNow 10,848
Contacts 14,32,589
Decision Makers (CVDM) 6,65,045

ServiceNow's global presence presents an undeniable opportunity for marketers to engage with audiences worldwide. However, this can be a complex process, often unattainable without the right resources. The List of Companies in USA using ServiceNow from Technology User Lists is one such databank that will assure you global brand visibility. Here's how:-

Amplify campaign success with the List of Companies That Use ServiceNow

According to, ServiceNow accrued an annual revenue of $3.46 billion in 2019, a record 32.64% increase from 2018. With such a powerful presence, engaging with ServiceNow Users Email List can be a troublesome task for most campaigners. If you're facing the same, then it's time to leverage our ServiceNow Customers List.

At Technology Users Lists, we strive to be your best data partner in your campaigning endeavors. Hence, we offer the most trustable list of Companies Using ServiceNow you can get your hands on. Other than 100% accuracy and relevant data, here are the many benefits that our customers enjoy, and so will you: -

  • Our List of Customers of ServiceNow Software houses credible data only as we follow only the best industry practices. Technology User Lists' offshore and onshore teams regularly engage in data cleansing, compilation, validation, and verification. Hence, when you invest in our list, your ROIs increase tenfold.

  • With our ServiceNow Users List, you spend your budget more efficiently by investing in a single tool that caters to all your marketing needs. From eliminating call drops, email bounces, returned mails, and lesser CTRs, to increasing inbox visibility and brand awareness, we take care of everything.

  • Procuring a home-grown List of Companies That Use ServiceNow will not only be time-consuming but also deplete most of your resources, without guaranteeing results. Instead, leverage our list to establish long-lasting relationships, maintain regular communications, and witness the marketing growth you desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous companies such as Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, SAS, Protg Partners LLC, U.S. Security Associates Inc., and Northwest Community Healthcare Corp., are using ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is a tool that helps you provide support for your external consumers via email, chat, web, social media, and other communication channels.

ServiceNow potential to solve IT hurdles, especially it having no ties to any local resources, are the primary reasons why it is highly in demand. Its ability to scale across varying networks makes it a top choice.

ServiceNow is flexible, simultaneously being extremely powerful in its design. Thus, it helps enterprise service domains deliver quality services and analyze vital service metrics.

Deloitte Consulting, Rego Consulting, ReliaSource, Aoop Cloud Solutions, Plat4mation, CirrusPoint Solutions Inc., NetImpact Strategies, etc., are some of the management consulting companies that employ ServiceNow tools.

In 2019, ServiceNow boasted of a 37.7% market share, and currently, it has exceeded its performance and services, thereby holding a 50% share.