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Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the collective name for the strategies, practices, and technologies employed towards the analysis and management of customer relationship with the brand. The primary goal of any CRM approach is to create loyal brand advocates and drive higher sales by delivering personalized buyer experiences.

CRM software has become imperative for businesses today, as it consolidates customer information and makes it easily accessible for the salesforce. Using this information, customers can be offered personalized offers, recommendations, etc. The list of companies using CRM software is growing by the day!

Do you wish to connect with the key decision-makers of companies using CRM technology? Technology Users List will help you out! Our custom-built and highly responsive CRM Customers List will help you target prospects across sectors - IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, and Advertising.

Data Count for CRM Users Mailing List:

List of Companies Using CRM Software 42,050
Contacts 36,70,276
Decision-Makers 16,03,538

Why Choose our List of Companies Using CRM

By choosing Technology Users List as your CRM users data provider, you can enjoy the following benefits-

Accurate and relevant

Technology Users Lists' data experts ensure that your CRM Users List is compiled to be 95% accurate, without any missing fields or duplicities. Our team runs thorough verification checks to make sure that we deliver on our claims.

Relevant at all times

Besides delivering authentic, well-segmented, and highly targeted CRM users mailing lists, we run periodic hygiene checks to ensure that the data stays relevant at all times.


Since we develop opt-in CRM customers lists, you can rest assured that your target audience will welcome your marketing campaigns.

Global Reach

Don't stay tied down to a single region! Technology Users List's CRM customers list can be used to target prospects across the world - the UK, Australia, Europe, Russia, and many more! Using Technology Users Lists' CRM users email lists, you can form better connections with your target audience, drive higher ROIs, and boost brand equity.

However, this is not a comprehensive list; our CRM Users Email List covers several other fields of contact, which will help you have a better knowledge of your target audience. When built upon our CRM users mailing lists, your marketing campaigns will engage, win over, and convert your target audience


Buy Highly Reliable List of CRM Companies Database

Since good and accurate data is the foundation for consolidating relevant mailing lists and developing successful marketing campaigns, Technology Users List ensures that our data for CRM users mailing lists has been collected from highly reliable and legal sources. Some of these sources include

  • Corporate websites
  • Medical seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Government records
  • Public records
  • Business directories
  • Business organizations
  • Annual reports
  • Press releases

Besides gathering data from reliable sources, our expert team of data scientists runs rigorous validation checks to ensure that your CRM Users Email List is 95% accurate and relevant.

How We Deliver Our CRM Mailing Lists

To design a CRM Users Lists that is custom-built to suit your unique business needs, our data experts will first ask you to specify your requirements regarding geographical location, area of specialization, industry, etc. Once we have a better idea of your target audience, we will match your needs to the data available in our master database and put together an exclusive CRM users mailing list for you.

However, that's not it! Before delivering your CRM Users Email List, our data experts run a vetting process wherein we send personalized content in the form of whitepapers and case studies to the chosen prospects. Based on their responsiveness, the hot leads are separated from the cold and lukewarm ones; only the sales-ready leads make it to your CRM users email list.

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With the help of CRM users mailing lists from a reliable data provider, you can have an accurate and relevant database of your target audience to develop highly personalized marketing campaigns. The result? Greater engagement, more ROI, better brand equity, and long-term business relations.

If you’re on the lookout for quality USA CRM users mailing lists, then you’ve landed at the right spot! Technology Users List’s CRM users mailing lists are valid, accurate, well-segmented, and highly responsive, guaranteeing marketing success.

The best portal to buy CRM mailing lists is exactly the one you’re on right now! Look no further than Technology Users List to deliver you CRM users mailing lists that are 100% error-free, highly responsive, well-segmented, and custom-built.

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