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For an effective email marketing campaign, it is important that the email has high deliverability. When you compile an email database make sure it doesn’t contain non-valid emails, spam-traps, and hard bounces as it can harm the reputation of your client. But that is the best-case scenario that can happen to you, the worst case that can happen is you can get blacklisted because of it.

To keep you out of trouble Technology User Lists has the best solution. Our Email List Validation Service. All you need to do is enter an email address and check in real-time if it's working or not. With our free Email Address List Validation, you can check if the email address is properly formatted, verify its existence and send an email. And the best thing about our Email List Validation is that you will get a response without even sending an email!

Removal of Invalid Email Addresses

When you use our data validator, we make sure that each and every invalid email address has been removed and your email list is 100% bounce-free. This will not only preserve your reputation, but your sender’s as well.

What do we remove?

When you use our software we make sure

  • To remove email addresses that are incorrect or don't exist.
  • To remove email addresses that are misspelled.

Benefits of Our Email List Address Validation

  • We make sure to lower the bounce rate threshold as mentioned by most Email service providers (ESPs).
  • We protect your IP reputation by increasing email deliverability.
  • We improve your inbox placement and improve the performance of your marketing campaign.

Why You Should Validate Email Addresses?

High Delivery Rate: When you adapt to Email List Validation, we at Technology User Lists make sure that you have the highest match rate at the most affordable price in the market. We have designed our packages in such a way that no matter if you are a startup and a large enterprise, you are both benefited from it.

Faster Checking: Our Email List Validation Service is one of the best data validation services in the market and the algorithms designed by our analysts and researchers optimizes the processing time and speeds up the servers so that you have a clean email list in no time!

Integrate your marketing tools: Our Email List Cleaning Service is compatible with every email platform, which makes it the most powerful tool in the email validation industry. We make sure that our service helps you in keeping a steady workflow and you can easily import and export email and keep your list clean at the same time.

Block invalid emails: We make sure that you and your sender’s reputation is intact. We also make sure that there are no misspelled and invalid email addresses in your list that harm your marketing plan. All you need to do is quickly install our real-time data verifier to your browser, just copy and paste code and let our app work its magic.

How Can Our Email Validation Tool Help You?

  • Our email validation tool can help in sorting out email addresses that are invalid and misspelled. This way you have an email id that has high deliverability.
  • It lets you know if the email address is disposable. Many people use disposable ids to avoid credibility.
  • And most importantly, you will get a notification if your recipient is using a "Catch-all" account, which makes it difficult to send you marketing communication.

We use all this information available to us and create a list after a thorough Email List Cleaning Service, that is free from all the risky email addresses. We also ensure that your email database has valid email addresses with high deliverability.

Think of our data validation as your summer cleaning. It is the very thing you need to maintain the hygiene of your email database. But once you have tried our email validation service, we know one thing for sure is that you will not be disappointed and will be calling out to us for your future endeavors.

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us. Our customer service representatives are waiting for your valuable inputs, suggestions, and queries.


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