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Email List Validation

Email List Validation by Technology User Lists is a process that verifies if an email address is valid and deliverable. We run a quick check to catch typos, etc. and provide the highest match rate. We make sure if the email address exists with a reliable domain such as Gmail or Yahoo. With our Email List Validation Service you can get your list of email addresses organized and cleaned. This helps in protecting your email sender score and improves the efficiency of your email list.

Email List Validation process

  • You will have to upload or send your email list to us
  • Once we receive this, our teams will start verifying it to check for errors
  • The validated email list is then ready to be delivered to you

Benefits of Email List Validation

Personalized Messages

With Email List Validation service, we provide accurate contact data such as, name, email addresses, etc. for you to personalize your marketing messages. According to a recent survey it is found that71% of customers will make a purchase if emails were customized according to their preferences.

Improved leads

With Email List Validation Services you can reach out to clients who are interested in your services. It translates higher open rates to more sales, brand visibility and increased conversion rates.

Enhanced reputation

Regular Email List Verification cleans your email list and protects against bounces and helps you avoid spam traps. Moreover Data Validation also stops people who mark your messages as spam, and invalid email addresses.

Lower mailing costs

We offer the most cost effective prices in the market for our Email List Validation Services. We custom build packages for start-ups as well as established businesses, marketing giants, etc. hence you can save time and money.

More accurate data

Collaborating with Technology User Lists for their , will cleans your existing email list and gives you accurate customer data for making your well informed marketing decisions.

Positive approach

We make sure you send your messages to the right audiences' in-boxes before you are blocked from sending email. Email List Validation will further prevent deliverability issues before they even begin.

To get good quality email addresses that are valid and error-free is to use our Email List Validation Services. Our teams will help you to make email marketing a success with our best solution so that you can maintain low spam rates and improve your email sending reputation.

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