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Managed Service Providers List

What is ‘Managed Service Provider’?

A Managed Service Provider, also called MSP is regarded as a company whose task is to manage their customers’ IT infrastructure along with end-user systems. Generally, this task is very proactive in nature and is done on a subscription basis. MSP provides networks, server, applications to end users, organizations etc. This is hosted as well as managed by your respective service provider. Managed Service Providers supervise, monitor and ensure security with regard to application procedures or outsourced network. MSP is dependent on VMS or Vendor Management System which is a software program, providing transparency and efficiency with regard to dependant and contract employees. MSP generally works with WAN connection, integrating as well as managing services like web hosting, video networking, standard access and transport and more.

What’s the exact difference between Public Cloud and a Managed Service Provider?

There are essential differences between public cloud and Managed Service Provider, in spite of being almost the same, which one must be aware of-

  • MSP refers to outsourcing of processes like networking services which is handled by a third person. Some examples include IP phones, call centre tools and more.
  • MSP extends its storage options which is exceptional.
  • Public cloud is all about the usage of cloud for public hosting Cloud vendors keep track of data and services for several clients on the same infrastructure. This gives room for flexibility, demand service models. However, the security is questioned here.

Bottom line being, MSP is better than public cloud. Why would a company want to give away private company data?
Which Managed Service Provider are you?

As one of the best Managed Service Providers, there are several kinds of MSP. However, there are 3 major kinds of Managed Service Providers :

    1. Pure Play MSPs- This kind of MSP has a comparatively smaller footprint and is defined as a Management Service Provider rather than, a MSP. The focus is on monitoring network and application performance. However, it takes little or no responsibility for any client’s business. The activities are generally limited to alerts, reporting and more when the website experiences glitches.

    2. Staffing- Legacy MSPs- This MSP type is the kind wherein, staffing divisions and MSP operate separately. It’s a mid-level MSP and takes more responsibility for the client’s business, unlike Pure Play. Other than reporting, monitoring, etc., software patches, installations, upgrades and other aspects are taken care of by this kind of MSP.

    3. High-Level MSPs- This kind of MSP caters to a different level of users. Here, clients are allowed to outsource their IT operations entirely, if they wish to do so. However, the budget is dependent upon the company and offers low levels of services in comparison to mid- level MSPs.

Data Counts for Managed Service Provider Users List

List of Companies Using Managed Service Provider 5,100
Contacts 1,43,466
Decision Makers (CVDM) 66,313

Top 5 reasons you must work with IT Managed Service Providers

Why encourage chaos when you have MSP?

MSP is that bridge which bridges the gap between your IT department’s saturation point and the increasing needs of your company.

    1. Developers can focus on aspects like coding :- A great MSP shall take care of almost all the IT tasks. Developers can concentrate on developing softwares which truly matters your business.

    2. Infrastructure is on demand :- Make huge savings by investing in MSPs and work on infrastructure with regard to libraries and more. With MSP save up on time, money and other

    3. Proactivity :- Reliable MSP are very proactive in nature and ensures that your company does well at all times, preventing any downfall. The problem shall be fixed before even cropping up!

    4. Predictable costs :- The good part about MSP is that there are no hidden fees. Therefore, companies can make accurate financial budgeting and forecasts.

    5. Expert guide :- Plan out your company future and do not get stuck with on-premises gadgets, equipment etc. in such a fast-paced market. This prevents major losses and market problems.

MSP has been in the industry for a long time now for a reason- it’s reliable, quality- oriented and ensures glitches are taken care of automatically, without any pop- ups! They’re the keepers of your IT department in any company at the most affordable rates.


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