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Making sales in the technology sector means successfully enabling customers to visualize the benefits of owning your products/services. But at a time when your audience is being bombarded by ads left and right, your marketing calls are probably falling on deaf ears.

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One look at the market scenario and you will know: ADP Payroll services currently leads the market in online payroll services, having the highest market share of about 82.4%. The expansive size and breadth of ADP Payroll service users have also opened several industry verticals waiting for you to bank on.

As such, you need to know your ideal customer like the back of your hand. When you leverage our list of ADP Payroll mailing addresses from Technology User Lists, you can access consent-based audience data, allowing a higher degree of demographic and geographical targeting.

Our comprehensive US leads lists to include name, industry, social media whereabouts, investment history, and financial information, among others. So, you can understand your ideal audience more intimately while having a complete 360-degree view.

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Our data services go beyond email assistance to house a host of additional benefits, including custom list building services. Let us curate an all-inclusive ADP Payroll users' email list for you, aligned carefully to your niche business operations.

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Targeting to a set audience radar increases your closure potential as you can run personalized campaigns. As such, you can readily boost conversions and enjoy better marketing outcomes.

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Rotten data is one of the most prominent reasons why your sales efforts have gone down the drain. Take a look at your in-house ADP Payroll users email list. How many contacts got stale? Any database, no matter how robust, will eventually decay. So, how do you keep up?

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Frequently Asked Questions

ADP or Automatic Data Processing is one of the leading HR solution and payroll providers worldwide, providing customizable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

ADP is one of the most preferred companies for online payroll services due to its comprehensive payroll solutions. ADP also rules the market, having a share of about 82.4%.

By far, the Hospital and Healthcare industry houses the highest percentage of ADP Payroll users with 22.7%, followed closely by the Computer Software industry with 18.4%.

At present, ADP boasts a client network of over 860,000 clients, spanning worldwide in around 140 countries.

United Community Bank, Ferro Corporation, Infinera Corporation, Dollar Thrifty Automotive, and Genesis Healthcare are some of the top companies using ADP for payroll.

Currently, ADP employs around 58,000 professionals worldwide.

Yes. ADP ranked 227 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations based on revenue performance as of 2020.

ADP Payroll is mainly used by small-sized and mid-sized companies, having an employee size of anywhere between 51-200.

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