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Artesia Technologies has been the pioneer at the head of digital asset management. Merging with Open Text and its ECM vision made Artesia Technologies spread out the solutions they could offer to their customers from the Fortune companies.OpenText has benefited from the addition of Artesia Technologies as a subsidiary as it can incorporate rich media management into their complete Enterprise Content Management suite (ECM).

Marketers looking at enhancing their business productivity Artesia Technologies ERP marketing is like a feather added to a marketer's hat as it will for sure help to generate great results. As a direct marketer, the most preferred channel of marketing would be email as it shows how business prospects react to online product promotion and digital approach. Though it is quite obvious that digital media marketing has become a trend now and no marketer wants to leave any opportunity to tap their niche customers. So, why would you? Get hold of the best marketing lists by Technology User Lists that will aid real-time marketing at the lowest overhead costs. In the form of b2b communication, you can do research and analysis on the current market trends, products and services sold and purchased and the demand of Artesia solutions in the markets with the help of our reach-targeted Artesia ERP end users email list.

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We validate each and every marketing data to maintain the good quality of the database so that they can help every campaign yield high deliverables. to the extent that your campaigns do not get bounced back at all and you get high response rates and deliverables. Whether you want to target VP, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs or CIOs, our permission-based Artesia ERP customers mailing database encompasses all the business details and contact information you need and in the most in their most recent forms. While you know you have the whole globe to reach out to, we know the ways that can help you do so. So, if there is any data that you think you would like to select for some specific communication purpose, you can do so without having to purchase the whole database. So, you invest in something that is useful to you and your business without spending on anything unnecessary. Along side, our lists cleansing and database management is offered with the aim of making your existing database of Artesia ERP users worth using for b2b promotions. Wrong data can be a pain-point and can decrease business opportunities, so, we provide solutions to that through our single database such that none of your attempts towards achieving a good business bottom-line goes to waste.



What is an email if it is not sent to the right email address? No deliverability means your email campaigns are just waste. We are sure you will not want your emails to become spam or be bounced back. So, we have provisiosn for 100% opted-in Artesia ERP client email addresses so that you can send emails that yield only high response rates, opens and CTRs. If you have no intention of getting your IP address and email address blocked or blacklisted by the ISP, then we recommend you to buy email lists of Artesia customers at the earliest, so that you have SMTP and can-spam verified email lists to drive highly lead generating email marketing campaigns. If you are not sure whether you can get the right audiences for your business, then get our highly effective Artesia ERP decision makers mailing database that covers b2b contact data of business professionals from niche market and industry segments. ORDER LIST NOW

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