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CallidusCloud (Software Inc.), a global SaaS company located in Dublin, offers computing applications to help millions of cloud platform users across nations each day to efficiently extract business intelligence insights for their business so that they can perform their daily operations effectively.

CallidusCloud adds to its applications logical, configurable and easy-to access and use interface. CallidusCloud also provides an integration platform that enables enterprises to seamlessly merge with other systems like ERP, CRM, SFA, and other business enterprise, marketing, sales and financial planning systems.

Cloud computing and cloud platforms are trending across the globe. We, at Technology User Lists believe that every marketer of IT products and services will leverage from the supply of cloud computing apps. Hence, we have built a huge data depository of users of CallidusCloud ERP.


The lack of 100% correct marketing data can falter your marketing programs and reduce the returns. So, we provide our 100% verified CallidusCloud ERP end users mailing list so that none of your campaigns are bounce back, you do not have wait for days or months for a response and you will get high deliverables. We, at Technology User Lists are updated with the recent guidelines laid down by the DMA and the Can-Spam Act. This helps us to design marketing lists that elevate your quality of b2b communication.

As per research, every month, up to 3% business data becomes obsolete and to get your campaigns across to the right audiences, it is important that you have fresh and correct data of your customers. Technology User Lists has provisions for 100% up-to-date CallidusCloud ERP customers mailing database that is collected from credible data sources such as online survey and feedback forms, business magazines and journals, yellow pages, government directories, events and trade show listings, company annual data reports, webinars, etc.

Hence, you can be sure of covering as many industry sectors as possible with a single database. The industries we cover are- IT, education, aviation, agriculture, banking and finance, architecture and construction, health care and hospitality, etc. Improve business bottom-line, business scope and scale and brand visibility across the globe with our geo-targeted database. Do not let your b2b campaigns suffer due to a database that has typos or has obsolete fields; rather get in touch with us for marketing insights that will help you understand how our database will become useful to your marketing programs.


Time and again you might be facing issues with old customers not responding to your emails or to your calls though your email deliverability and call reach is proper. Sometimes, your customers may begin to use alternate email addresses or phone numbers to receive business emails and calls. You can connect with us so that we can search and identify the exact data you want and help you with customized mailing lists of companies using CallidusCloud ERP. We have studied markets and over the years we have come to understand that multichannel marketing can help to reap a very high ROI. Research reports show that multichannel campaigns can achieve up to 300% ROI. To ensure you too can enable your campaigns to attain such good returns, we recommend you to invest in our highly responsive CallidusCloud ERP decision makers email database. ORDER LIST NOW

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