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According to the recent reports by Gartner and Forrester, 50% of all the CRM-led marketing initiatives bite the dust, and that’s because of one prominent reason: unclean data. There are an array of problems that can arise from dirty data, some of which are low convertibility, inability to reach potential clients, and inadequate forecasting.

These problems may arise due to:

  • Incompatibility of the systems across which the CRM data is spread.
  • Missing data, which might cause your CRM system or marketing automation platform to generate faulty reports.
  • Duplicate data, usage of nicknames, or first name spelling variations.
  • Formatting mismatch or discrepancies in the structuring of data.
  • Jumbling up of data due to inconsistent source to target mapping.

Given how the majority of the industry puts customer engagement and customer satisfaction first, erroneous data can lead to wrongful targeting, thereby making your marketing campaigns fruitless and costing you a lot of time and money. Therefore, the importance of having clean CRM data is ineffable.

What’s the solution to get rid of unclean CRM data? CRM Data Cleansing

CRM Data Cleansing: What is it?

The key objective of CRM systems is maintaining a 360 –degree view of a customer. But such a feat is rarely achieved given the many inconsistencies CRM data has as listed above. That’s where CRM data cleansing comes into the picture.

CRM data cleansing, simply put, is the process of cleaning your data by ruling out inconsistencies in data, updating outmoded data entries, and ensuring consistent field names. Efficiently employing data cleansing techniques can optimize the efficacy of your marketing campaign, thereby helping you convert more leads.

Why Should you opt for CRM Data Cleansing Services?

Given the cut-throat market competition, every enterprise needs to pool its resources into effectively targeting your potential leads. To achieve this, your CRM data needs to be accurate and free of discrepancies.

To ensure that all effort goes into building efficient marketing strategies, opting for professional data cleansing services might be the way to go, since working your way through finding mistakes in the data can cost you precious time.

We at Technology User Lists provide state-of-the-art CRM data cleansing services aimed at providing you consistent, error-free, and duplicate data-free cleansing solutions. Leverage our CRM data cleansing services today to increase your marketing precision and conversion ratio.

What does the Technology User List’s CRM Data Cleansing Service offer?

Here are some of the services we offer with our CRM Data Cleansing:

  • Speed and precision

We leverage the sophistication of our powerful semantic matching technology, which uses contextual matching algorithms, to deliver you homogenized and cleansed CRM data with unparalleled speed and precision.

  • CRM data cleansing in real-time

Given how bad data can enter into your system at any point during the CRM data acquisition process, integrating our data cleansing engine within your CRM system can help you close the entry point for such unwanted data.

  • De-duplication with fuzzy logic

Our CRM Cleansing services extensively employ probabilistic algorithms along with other deterministic and phonetic devices to filter out duplicate data.

Our CRM data cleansing workflow also includes tasks like:

  • Data enhancement
  • Data updation
  • Data verification

Benefits of Technology User List’s CRM Data Cleansing Services

Here are some benefits of employing our CRM data cleansing services:

  • Optimizing cost and time

Indulging in DIY data cleansing by marketers can not only lead to loss of essential time but also can affect your sales pipeline, as fewer leads trickle down to the sales department. This can have severe repercussions for the company’s conversion rate. Therefore, it’s better to outsource your data cleansing requirements to third-party CRM data cleansing service providers.

  • Better decision making

Having accurate and clean data, free of any inconsistencies, can work well with your business analytics and marketing automation platform, thereby contributing to better decisions regarding the customer targeting and audience segmentation.

  • Improved lead generation and conversion

For B2B marketers, having high-quality data translates to better target audience segmentation and generation of relevant leads. Subsequently, better lead generation allows the sales department to personalize their customer approach tactics, thereby leading to maximum customer engagement and a bump in conversions.




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