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Cvent, Inc. is a publicly held software company that provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) that is concentrated on the meetings management technology. The company offers online software for online event registration, meeting site selection, email marketing, event management, and web surveys. SaaS is trending across the globe and digitization has made it even more popular across industry verticals. The more you promote Cvent, the more you promote SaaS, and help business enterprises reap the best services from it.

To help you make such promotions successful, we at Technology User Lists bring to you highly result-driven marketing lists that are inclusive of 100% accurate customer contact details, covering every important demographic required to execute a marketing program. Our massive Cvent clients email marketing list is the optimum marketing database you will find in the market designed for both targeted and multichannel marketing. To support you in tapping the untested markets, we search and identify your target markets and audiences and list them in systematic categories. These lists are available as data-by-selects. You can get industry-specific, customer-centric, and geo-targeted data in our single file. Give impetus to your b2b marketing campaigns with our database and drive high sales leads. To increase the quality in your client base, get engaged with c-level executives directly with the help of our database.

This will alongside help to improve brand visibility at a faster rate. Speed is a concern in marketing as there are too many target audiences and each leads list needs to be followed-up with a personalized campaign. We provide you permission-based business leads address lists and that saves you the time in searching and identifying the right business prospects. Our database helps to reduce campaign and sales cycle time, while bringing to you high ROI. Increase global engagement with global prospects in real-time by using our database to increase your brand awareness across the globe and increase business bottom-line. Improve campaign and sales effectiveness by making use of our up-to-date customer contact data. This helps to increase brand awareness by a greater margin. You will see that both overhead costs and time can be controlled with the optimization of our suitable Cvent customers mailing database in marketing your offers to your targeted clients. Let us help you in covering industry sectors such as- technology, banking, finance, aviation, hospitality, health care, transport, ecommerce, telecommunications, education, construction, automobile, etc. through our reach-targeted database.


Since all types of organizations, even the ones listed in the Fortune 500 and 1000 company list, prefer using a CRM technology, why not share with them the information on the latest offers on Cvent CRM with our database and get the best responses from them? There is absolutely no way that your campaigns will reach the right audiences if you do not have their right addresses. Technology User Lists offers opted-in email list of companies using Cvent in order to make your email campaigns reach the inbox. This increases email deliverability rate, open rate and click-through rate. The fact that the email addresses we provide comply with the Can-Spam Act and DMA guidelines, makes your client engagement authentic. While our socially verified Cvent end users mailing database. makes social media marketing, phone marketing and direct mail marketing easy and highly performance-driven.


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