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Apache Hadoop - What is it all about?

This wonderful software is a freely licensed software which was a framework developed by a foundation name Apache Software Foundation. The main purpose of this software is to develop data- intensive and distributed kind of computation. The central concept, however, is that all the errors are handled at the layer called the application layer over relying up on hardware to achieve reliability.

Hadoop Users Email List- verified data, ensuring 95% accuracy

Hadoop Users List, after extensive automated as well as work done by data experts has been developed, compiled and verified by Technology Users List. Contact targeted Hadoop Mailing List and network with your prospects from across the globe in a few seconds via multi- channel marketing.

Hadoop users mailing database, compiled by Technology Users Email List is compiled via multiple reliable sources like magazines, websites, business cards and more with 100% opt- in details. You can customize your Hadoop Mailing List on the basis of requirements, the order you need it in and so on. Don't worry, the accuracy rate is as high as 95% with very rare bounce back instances.


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Reach out to Hadoop consumers who are all from the C-Levels across major industries. Enjoy working with original, non- duplicate information- try out our Hadoop Mailing List which is updated on a weekly basis, ensuring it's always fresh and can be made available to you immediately, post formalities. Pick out the format in which you need and you'll receive it from us in no time, at the best rates.

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Top 10 industries using Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is a versatile software and is used in multiple industries because of its prime benefit of making the companies lives easier with the help of this software. Following are the top 10 industries using Apache Hadoop vigorously:

    • Computer Software
    • Staffing and Recruiting
    • Hospital & Health Care
    • Financial Services
    • IT (Information Technology) and Services
    • Internet
    • Internet
    • Higher Education
    • Management Consulting
    • Computer Hardware
    • Telecommunications

      Hadoop Users Detailed Database comprises of essential details

      Here's what your Apache Hadoop Users Email List shall comprise of- the following details shall help you not just customize your marketing styles but, cater to multi- channels of marketing like telephonic marketing, email marketing, social marketing etc. More details can also provided which can be done with the help of customization of your Apache Hadoop Users email listings.

        • Contact Name
        • Company Name
        • Website
        • Job Title
        • Country, State
        • SIC code
        • Zip code
        • Fax Number
        • Website
        • Email Address
        • Official Email Address
        • Phone Number

          Here's how Technology User Lists compiles and delivers your Hadoop Customers List

          It's hard to not just compile but, to ensure you receive an email list of Hadoop User Lists which opens and can be used. Following are the details which will help you understand not just the formats we can deliver the file to you in but, how we compile our email lists and its accuracy rate as well.

          • Sources- Primary and secondary viz. Yellow pages, subscriptions, trade shows, surveys, business cards, etc.
          • Format- Customizable
          • File options- MS Excel, .csv, ASCII etc.
          • Accuracy rates- 95%
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