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Technology User Lists’ IBM Maas360 Users Email List is built keeping in mind the requirements of global technology marketers. We guarantee maximum accuracy, minimal bounce rate, used for marketing campaigns to generate leads, etc. You can roll out targeted campaigns to drive maximum sales leads and increase your business revenue. With our permission passed data we make sure you do not face bounce back rates, spam messages etc. You can therefore use our IBM Maas360 Users List to create brand presence across countries through email marketing, tele marketing and direct marketing campaigns. You can establish business communication to build business network with IBM Maas360 users and customers.

With Companies that use IBM Maas360 you can take your products and services to decision makers of top companies who have the power to invest. You can run channelized marketing campaigns to boost your ROI. Our teams compile data from trusted sources like conferences and tradeshows, yellow pages, government records and listings, annual reports and public filings, business and trade magazine subscriptions, survey of technology user, etc. They verify the data before incorporating it into our final IBM Maas360 Users Mailing Database. It is again updated regularly to keep it deliverable. Hence you don’t have to bother about failed campaigns and email bounces anymore.

Use IBM Maas360 Users Email List to reach targeted customers

The IBM Maas360 Users List includes contact details like, name, company name, title, mailing address, business email id, telephone number, fax number, city, province, state, country, employee size, industry, SIC code, Zip code, etc. The data provided will help you to send personalized messages and build customer base. It will also help you to acquire new customers and retain old ones. We believe that data is the foundation for successful business. Hence we recommend marketers to use our technology user lists for all their business initiatives that will further take your business to success. Furthermore with accurate data you will not waste your time following non responsive leads.

Building your own IBM Maas360 Users Mailing List will take a lot of your time. That is why we suggest marketers to partner with a reliable marketing database provider and invest in their technology lists. Therefore you will save a lot of your time and you can also focus on other aspects of improving your business. You can take your products to IBM Maas360 users, customers and decision makers from various locations across USA and Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Asia Pacific and Australia. Our data will also enable businesses to expand their client base and market presence, improve sales and revenue, and reduce sales cycle time and more.


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