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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is an ERP system for mid-size to large enterprises. It is the most robust, scalable, and functionally rich enterprise resource planning system in the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. List of Companies Using Microsoft Dynamics AX solution can help drive global business opportunities as it supports high transaction rates and thousands of users across multiple sites. Marketers need to understand that the market they are looking at is global and competitive. While opportunities are present, it is being constantly challenged with competition.

We provide one of the fastest and most reliable ways to reach niche technology industry contacts all over the world. We excel in offering a variety of lists from all over the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, APAC and other strategic locations. We offer MS Dynamics AX Customers List for almost every country in the world and are always accurate, verified. With the Microsoft Dynamics AX User Lists marketers can reach their targeted audiences through multiple channels and communicate through their preferred channels. Our systematically designed database is further customized according to specific business requirements so that marketers can strategically design their campaigns according to demography, location, industry or any other field.

Data Counts for Microsoft Dynamics AX Users List:

Companies Using Microsoft Dynamics AX Users List 3,216
Contacts 3,03,516
Decision Makers (CVDM) 1,27,034

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Microsoft Dynamics AX seamlessly merges with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, BizTalk Server, etc. by integrating all business activities.Microsoft Dynamics AX system can be tailored to support the specific needs of manufacturing businesses while delivering a low total cost of ownership. At TUL we are familiar of the challenges marketers face and understand the necessity of maintaining regularity in communications and networking. With our MS Dynamics AX Customers Database, marketers can create an ongoing process of communications through emails, direct mails, telemarketing, social media and other relevant channels, so as to keep their brand in the limelight and their services the preferred choice of customers. With our marketing lists, we have witnessed marketers improve campaign response and ROI by reaching the right in boxes. Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Users Email List also includes valuble information like, name, title, email address, city, ZIP4, country, phone, SIC code, web address etc.

Grabbing the attention of b2b customers is not a simple task. It requires appropriate planning and marketing tools to interest prospective buyers. As a marketer if you are dealing with products and services related to Microsoft Dynamics AX, then the comprehensive and targeted MS Dynamics AX Users List from TUL would ensure that you are able to get in touch with the right users and buyers in the most effective way. Purchase Microsoft Dynamics AX Users Mailing Database as it leads the path to successful b2b marketing campaigns and boosting sales and ROI.


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