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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the leading CRM platform across the globe. The software they have is cloud- based making your lives simpler- there’s no need for companies to hire IT experts to manage or set up this system- all one needs to do is ‘Sign up!’ and start exploring it. Salesforce CRM prime aim has always been to re- invent CRM, also called Customer Relationship Management. The prime benefit of Salesforce products is that they’re completely cloud-based, ensuring no setup charges or maintenance costs. Moreover, it’s convenient for your employees to work using all kinds of devices like tablets, laptops, phones, personal computers and more. CRM is open for all kinds of businesses or companies- be it small or large scale companies, CRM is the best solution for quality customer management for all. This wonderful platform gives room for a lot more than sales and marketing. It’s all about interpersonal management, interactions with prospects and more.

Salesforce Email List

Who should switch to Salesforce CRM Users Email List?

The answer is obvious- 'Everyone!'

Reason being, Salesforce caters to all kinds of requirements by having editions for each kind of users on-board. You can pick out the edition you belong with like Group, Enterprise and Performance, Professional and more. The edition is completely based upon the aim you have in mind and the features your company requires in order to achieve the aim. Salesforce has managed to cover each and every customer relationship area, ranging from service to marketing and more.

Do you want to lose out on time and money by developing a hardware infrastructure or software? Or, do you want to save up on all your resources and opt for Salesforce? The choice is up to you.

Data Counts for Salesforce Customers List

List of Companies That Use Salesforce crm users list 10,948
Contacts 14,28,589
Decision Makers (CVDM) 6,27,045

How does Salesforce CRM function?

Built on, Salesforce has the ability to manage client, customer and other interactions of a company via many medium like phone calls, social media, email inquiries and so on.Salesforce takes care of all customer relationships, ensuring a 100% focus on marketing, sales and support processes.


This platform creates applications within the cloud without the need of any software or hardware investment. The final result- collaborative and data-centric apps are created. The most amazing bit is that data never gets misplaced because of auto-backups!

A question arises- why is it that Salesforce is the best of all? Following are different types of cloud which helps Salesforce to maintain customer relationship at all times:

  • Sales Cloud is centred around lead, account, contacts and opportunities. Leads or prospect deals can be converted into accounts, contacts as well as opportunity objects. This is an essential function which is built-in of Sales Cloud. Mapping is possible when any custom fields are added onto the lead object.
  • Service Cloud is all about cases and solutions All you need is a ‘Service Executive’ who can create a detailed account or case on a complaint or customer enquiry. The solution to the problem can be saved in something called a solution object. Some standard functionality like mail to case is also there wherein, a new case shall automatically be created in CRM on every client email address.
  • Marketing Cloud is an app mostly for marketing purposes. The main task of Marketing Cloud is to create and execute email promotions, marketing campaigns and more.
  • Custom Cloud has the ability to custom fields to standard objects. Here, custom workflows can also be creates. Visualforce pages as well as associated apex classes can be made use of for custom views and business logic. These customizations contribute to the best CRM.
  • Analytics is all about presenting reports along with data stored in it. This CRM application is there on Salesforce as ‘Reports and Dashboard’ enabling effective analysis in no time! It's very user- friendly with regard to creating graphs and other report elements using analytics and are very easy to find.
  • Salesforce Automation includes features like managing emails, assigning tasks, tracking leads, managing notifications, approvals and more. CRM handles automation that is required for marketing sales and service processing.

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6 reasons why your company needs Salesforce CRM Users List

According to a research, 3 out of 4 customers have invested more with a company due to positive customer experience!

Remember, without customers, your business is a clear-cut shutdown. Irrespective of the industry or the size of your business, customers are all the same. They’re important and are the most essential asset of your company. Reason being, these consumers give you a sense of direction and purpose. Their feedback helps you serve better, innovate at a variety of levels and help your company grow as a whole! Most importantly, your customers bring in revenue for you, the prime reason why you’re owning or working in a company in the first place. The best way in which you can give respect to your customer is by appreciating your consumers by understanding them, their needs and more.

However, do you really understand your consumers?

The company’s success is a 100% based upon the relationship you build with your customers. This is the reason why you need salesforce users email list which shall help you work your way towards success.

Following are the 6 reasons why your company needs Salesforce CRM Customers list

  • To improve informational organization

The more you’re aware about your customers, the easier it’s going to be for you to provide with positive user experience which shall pay off very well. Every interaction you have with your customers are worth something and can be documented, recorded and more in order to analyze what your customer is really trying to convey to you in order to improve your services. With Salesforce CRM Users List, see your company become more organized and sorted at multiple levels.

  • For enhanced communications

The beauty of Salesforce CRM users list is that it can enhance communication by making detailed consumer information very easy to communicate to anyone who may need it. This can be done such that it won’t matter who the current employee is who’s assisting the client. Reason being, they’ll all have the access to the same data.

  • For reliable and quick customer support

With Salesforce CRM, all the customer needs to do is give you a call or leave you an email. Your employee shall have access to the client’s previous information, queries and more. Sometimes, it may taken a couple of minutes to figure out the solution to a problem they client is facing since, you had given its solution in the past or a similar one. Data is so easy to retrieve here at any point.

  • For automation of daily tasks

There’s so much more than sales that comprises of an everyday task list. Forms must be filled out, reports have to be sent, legal issues have to be taken care of and more. The beauty of Salesforce CRM is that it can take care of all these tasks automatically, automating the process and making it error- free! All the employees need to focus upon is how to be interpersonal with prospects, solve critical issues and more.

  • For higher efficiency for all teams

Communication that’s automatically stored gives room for one to view the calendar, call history, emails and more in one place which is accessible. Teams like marketing, sales and customer services can input their respective data which can be useful for all while working on specific clients.

  • For effective and error-free analytics and reporting

When data is calculated manually, there’s a high probability for errors. Salesforce CRM stores information such that it can be integrated conveniently using various tools which automatically generates reports of all kinds. Personalize your dashboard and save time to locate specific information like sales goals, performance reports and more in order to reach untapped opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the latest statistics more than 150,000 companies use Salesforce Services. Despite cut-throat competition in the market, with almost 19.6 % market share, Salesforce remains one of the top CRM tools in the market.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software whose user base is spread across the globe and across different industries such as Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, etc. It gives a firm support to the Sales and Marketing team by boosting sales and reducing the marketing effort. Salesforce holds the top position in the market because of its efficiency, customization and multitenancy model.

Salesforce is the smartest and the most widely used CRM tools across industries since its inception in 2001. Over the last 18 years, it has seen terrific growth and has a market share of close to 19% as per the latest data. Some of the top companies using Salesforce is Spotify, Amazon, SAP, Deloitte, Accenture, Barclays, etc.

Salesforce CRM users list consists of a few of the biggest companies in the world and they certainly can be targeted for your multi-level marketing campaigns. The question is, only company names won't suffice and you would need to have a database with the name and contact details of the decision-makers. Our database is incredibly efficient, accurate and relevant for your marketing campaigns.



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