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Salesforce has today become an industry leader in the marketing space owing to the importance of customer relationships. In fact, this software company was positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for the 13th consecutive year!

But what’s most interesting is that Salesforce’s customers are some of the most loyal. The following quote by the company’s co-CEO sheds some light on the secret behind this feat –

“We’re the number-one customer company in the world. No other company in the history of the software industry has been as focused on customer-relationship management, and now customers can achieve that transformation with Salesforce.”

Data Counts for Salesforce Clients List

List of Companies Using Salesforce 10,948
Contacts 14,28,589
Decision Makers (CVDM) 6,27,045

Can customers say no to the company that puts them first? No! Are you a tech-marketer looking to target companies using Salesforce CRM? Then, you have chosen one of the most lucrative markets in the world! However, to secure a loyal customer base, you need to keep your customers first, and a Salesforce CRM mailing list from Technology Users List is your sure route to achieve that.

Salesforce CRM Users mailing database

Before diving into why you need our Salesforce CRM contact list, let’s take a look at some of these statistics from Forbes, shall we?

  • Salesforce occupies approximately 19.5% of the total CRM market share. Hence, they possess over twice the sales of SAP and thrice of Oracle.
  • Salesforce CRM accrued total revenue of $9.4 billion in 2018, increasing CRM revenues by 23.2% and growing faster than the market itself.

These are impressive numbers, aren’t they? This is mainly because of Salesforce CRM’s ease of usability and it’s no maintenance or setup charges. Its cloud-based nature tied together with multiple-device integration, be it for your tablets, phones, laptops, or personal computers, means it’s an absolute winner.

“According to Statista, Salesforce CRM is projected to generate revenue of $17.1 billion in 2020, a record high."

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Salesforce is a lucrative player in the CRM space, hosting a tremendous business opportunity for marketers worldwide. If you’re one of them and want to beat your competition to the best results, Technology User Lists is the place to be! Our Salesforce CRM Users Email list will ensure that you tap into this CRM’s vast consumer base of 150,000 active users, connecting with key decision-makers and C-level executives seamlessly. How, you may ask? – With our regularly verified and thoroughly maintained list of SAL users, which strictly follows industry standards to assure optimal performance every step of the way.

All for one, and one for all – Our Salesforce CRM Users List!

Are you wondering who should opt for Technology User Lists’ ,Salesforce CRM customers list? The answer is – EVERYONE! This powerful software caters to all kinds of on-board users and their requirements. Users can choose the edition which suits them best, such as Enterprise, Performance, Group, Professional, and more. These editions cater to any feature an organization needs since Salesforce covers all areas of a customer relationship, from marketing to service and more.

As a result, you will target niche audiences who use a particular edition and take your multi-channel marketing to the next level.

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Invest in a data partner that you can trust

At Technology User Lists, we understand marketing difficulties in a competitive space, especially one like CRM. That’s why we guarantee an extremely responsive Salesforce CRM Client list that is cleansed every 90 days to maintain a relevant, fresh data repository. Therefore, you only access responsive leads who have been verified to be prospective customers, instead of cold ones.

Moreover, our thorough vetting procedures and regular data appending ensure that you receive a list of trustable and genuine leads only in your list of Salesforce customers. As a result, you save time, marketing resources, and team efforts as well.

Our Salesforce CRM users list assures 100% accuracy, with no missing fields, data duplicities, decay, or errors. Offering high deliverability across numerous channels, this list will help you land the right inbox at the right time.

How to get a Salesforce CRM Users Email List from Technology Users List?

  • #1 Share Your Specs and Request for a Sample

Based on your sales and marketing goals, share your unique specifications for a salesforce crm users email list and send in a request for a sample.

  • #2 Get Your FREE Sample and Data Counts

Our data experts will design a need-specific Salesforce CRM client list sample that is freshly validated with quality contacts and includes the overall counts for your specification.

  • #3 Finalize Specs and Purchase Your Customized Dataset

Once you have reviewed the sample, you can have changes made to the specifications and then purchase the full set of records or a part of them, as you please.

Reach out to us today and avail your robust Salesforce CRM Users List. Experience lower churn rates with this exclusively designed list and elevate your marketing strategies like never before!



Frequently Asked Questions

According to the latest statistics more than 150,000 companies use Salesforce Services. Despite cut-throat competition in the market, with almost 19.6 % market share, Salesforce remains one of the top CRM tools in the market.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software whose user base is spread across the globe and across different industries such as Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, etc. It gives a firm support to the Sales and Marketing team by boosting sales and reducing the marketing effort. Salesforce holds the top position in the market because of its efficiency, customization and multitenancy model.

Salesforce is the smartest and the most widely used CRM tools across industries since its inception in 2001. Over the last 18 years, it has seen terrific growth and has a market share of close to 19% as per the latest data. Some of the top companies using Salesforce is Spotify, Amazon, SAP, Deloitte, Accenture, Barclays, etc.

Salesforce CRM users list consists of a few of the biggest companies in the world and they certainly can be targeted for your multi-level marketing campaigns. The question is, only company names won't suffice and you would need to have a database with the name and contact details of the decision-makers. Our database is incredibly efficient, accurate and relevant for your marketing campaigns.

Salesforce is currently one of the vital players in the CRM sphere. Its biggest customers include Spotify, Macy’s, Amazon Web Services, T-Mobile, Aldo, U.S. Bank, Toyota, etc.

In Salesforce, profiles control the fields, objects, tabs, record types, and apps-page layout available to users. Users are those who possess visibility into an organization’s data.

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