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Leveraging a Lucrative Market Space by SAP HANA Users List

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP being an important aspect of business management is a market that brings in tens of billions of dollars, CONSISTENTLY! And SAP, besides the other two giant players – Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics – has today become a major provider of ERP software for enterprises across the world. Do you already own a solid List of Companies Using SAP HANA services? If not yet, then you need to get one now from Technology Users Lists!

Using a robust and custom-fit SAP HANA Users Mailing List from Technology Users Lists, you can get in touch with the key decision-makers and authoritative figures that possess the purchasing power to do business with you; however, your reach can extend far and beyond – use your SAP HANA Users List to target marketing and finance executives, corporate secretaries, product vendors, product partners, and more.

Why Choose Our SAP HANA Customer Lists

  • Authentic Data Sources

We collate our reliable data from 100% legal sources such as IT trade shows, public and government records, yellow pages, and over 40 such sources. The data is crisp yet comprehensive.

  • High Accuracy

You can expect your SAP HANA Users Email Database to be completely free of errors, duplicities, or obsolete information.

  • Precisely Targeted

You can easily reach the right audience at the right time with the right message with a SAP HANA Customer List tailored to your business needs.

  • Well-Vetted

Your marketing campaigns will generate a positive response at least 95% of the time – no need to fear losing out on quality leads!

  • Affordable

What use is a contact database that fails to lower your operational costs, right? Well, our SAP HANA users email list will snugly fit into your budget.

Segmented SAP HANA Users Database for Multi-channel Campaigning

You can segment data in your SAP HANA Users Mailing List on the basis of the industry or geography you wish to target. Strike a chord with SAP-using companies' decision-makers from the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and more.

Your database will cover a plethora of contact and other details for rich insights into your target audience. Why not take a sneak peek?

Full Name Industry
Location – Country, State, Zip Code Postal Address
Email Address Direct Calling Number
Fax Number SIC Code
NAICS Code Company Website

Fret not! Some 70+ such fields will be covered in your SAP HANA Users Email Database for successful multi-channel campaigns, be it direct marketing, email marketing, event marketing, or telemarketing.

Use Our SAP HANA Client List and See a Drastic Change in Your ROIs

Conduct intent-based data marketing with Technology Users Lists’ data management practices. Our data experts will ensure that your SAP HANA users email list is 100% accurate, up-to-date, 95% responsive, and fully enriched to give you a unified and clear view of your target audience base.

As you bring down data errors with our targeted email lists, your business and consequently, ROIs will naturally show an upward trend. Avoid the woes of decaying and rotten data with Technology Users Lists’ SAP HANA users mailing list!

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