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Apache Spark has, at a break-neck speed, become one of the most prominent unified analytics engines for machine learning and big data. With big players like Apple, Facebook, and Netflix already on the Spark bandwagon, other large and medium-scale enterprises are bound to follow suit.

As the list of Spark users grows by the day, getting in touch with the critical stakeholders of enterprises running Apache spark is of the utmost imperative to expand your marketing pipelines. If you’re looking to connect with the decision-makers and business executives of relevant companies, Technology Users List can lend you a big hand!

Amplify your market reach with our cost-effective Apache Spark users list, and get access to the most reliable, insightful, and responsive users list out there. Our highly customized and ROI-driven Spark users email lists will help you target convertible prospects across all verticals.

What’s Different with our Apache Spark Users List?

  • Up-to-date information

Technology Users List’s expert team of data management professionals make it a priority to ensure that the Spark users mailing list you receive is 100% fresh by regularly appending new data, and replacing obsolete data with up-to-date information.

  • Ultra-precise and pertinent data

We make sure to deliver you convertible, authentic, well-segmented, and highly personalized Spark users list with little to none missing fields or duplicate data.

  • Permission-based mailing lists

Never compromise with quality when it comes to data. Since your marketing campaigns target the prominent decision-makers of companies running Apache spark, any unsolicited communication is sure to be rejected. We at Technology Users List curate opt-in Spark mailing list to make sure that your emails are delivered to the right inboxes and not the spam folder.

  • Global scope

Why be local when you can go global? Technology User List’s list of Spark mailing addresses are highly geo-targeted and are populated with prospects hailing from countries across the globe – Russia, Australia, Europe, the UK, and many more.

All-Encompassing Data

Apart from being of the top-notch quality, our Spark marketing database also features a ton of different fields over which the data is segmented. This variety provides multiple points of contact through which a prospect can be approached. Using our custom-built Spark users list gives marketers the flexibility to focus on the most lucrative of marketing engagements without worrying about superfluous data.

Here are some of the fields which we employ in our Spark users list-

  • Full Names
  • Job Title
  • Company Names
  • Email Addresses
  • ZIP Code
  • Sales Data
  • Direct Calling Numbers
  • SIC Code
  • Industry
  • Geographical Location

Although the list may seem comprehensive enough, our Spark users list generally includes a variety of other contact details that may assist you knowing your target audience better, and in turn, helping you build highly effective marketing campaigns which engage, persuade, and convert potential leads.

Reliable Data Sources

The quantity and quality of data don’t mean much if you can’t verify it’s integrity. We, at Technology Users List, provide you with meticulously curated Spark users lists which have been collected and collated from trustworthy and authorized sources, by following all legal guidelines. Some of the sources are:

  • Trade shows
  • Press releases
  • CRM publications and ebooks
  • Government and public records
  • Annual reports
  • Company websites
  • Business directories

Apart from corroborating the reliability of data, our team of expert data management professionals also test the validation of data against rigorous standards to provide you with a product that ensures 95% relevancy and accuracy.


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